About this site

"SIGNE(s)" is Roland Barthes' linguistic term.
It's a French word and unrelated to woman's name.

Now, I am learning English for communication with artists around the world.
For questions or comments, please mail to me.

About me

"Nobuyoshi Tanaka (nt)" (1969-) - Japanese, male.

About music

I'm mainly writing the work which was touched off by early music and modern music.
I'm searching for the possibility of the music.

My favorite composers:
Josquin Despres
J. S. Bach
W. A. Mozart
G. Faure
K. Szymanowski
I. Stravinsky
O. Messiaen
H. Dutilleux
T. Takemitsu
J. Cage
I. Xenakis
E. Carter

About pictures

I'm an amateur, but it search for the beautiful expression and begin to draw a picture.

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